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The Hancock Historical Society endeavors to provide its members and the public with a diverse offering of engaging programs and events. We want to make history fun and interesting to all ages, for in understanding where we come from, we can better understand ourselves.

Some of our past programs and events have included a Civil War reenactment on the town green and a program co-sponsored by the NH Preservation Society entitled 19th Century Decorative Wall Painting in New England that included tours of Hancock homes with original Moses Eaton and Rufus Porter paintings.

Our first annual Harvest Festival featured apples and their importance in the history of Hancock. It offered everything from apple bobbing for the children (and young at heart) to photos and artifacts in our collection that document the heyday of the apple industry in Hancock when our apples were shipped world-wide.

We seek to present engaging speakers who can illuminate our history and help us walk away with a better understanding of our heritage and our very own roles in the history of Hancock.



Halloween Fright Night

Grown-ups and children alike enjoyed a good scare at the Historical Society on All Hallows Eve.