Heritage Campaign

In October 2013, the Board of Trustees of the Hancock Historical Society completed a three- year strategic plan that identifies priorities and funding requirements to advance the mission of the Society. The following initiatives will be undertaken to attain the strategic goals:

•     The museum building will require significant investment over the next three years.

A  series  of  much-needed and  long-deferred restoration, repairs  and  updates  will include the repair of the second floor Ballroom ceiling, chimney replacement/repair above the roofline, the renovation of the carriage shed for additional storage space and other needed structural, safety and aesthetic improvements.

•     The museum’s collection of artifacts relates directly to the generations of Hancock families who settled the town and made it prosper.  To maintain and preserve the collection, a prioritized program of preservation and conservation will be undertaken. Priority items include preservation of the museum’s sampler collection and other important textiles.  Other museum holdings requiring care include furniture, clocks, musical instruments, paintings, photographs, archival documents, tools and firearms.

•     Community  outreach,  education  and  engagement  are  high  priorities  for  the Hancock Historical Society.  To ensure that the Society remains an integral part of the community, we  will  present new  programs, lectures, social events, theme-related series and other gatherings that engage, entertain and educate our constituents.  A newsletter designed specifically for children and the development of books about Hancock have also been identified as priorities. Fresh and innovative ways to attract a new generation of members will be implemented over the next several years.

To support these initiatives, the Hancock Historical Society has launched the Heritage Campaign.  This is the first major capital campaign since the Society was founded in 1903. All funds raised will go directly to the restoration and repair of the museum building, the preservation of our valuable collections and the expansion of educational programs and events for all ages. Successful completion of the campaign will enable the Society to continue as a vibrant organization within Hancock, by engaging the community and promoting our shared cultural heritage.

To learn more about the Heritage Campaign click here:  Case Statement for the Heritage Campaign

Further details on the needs for the campaign were shown to Historical Society members at the Annual Meeting by Ken Chester.  His slides can be viewed here:  2014 Annual Meeting Slide Show

To be part of this important undertaking, click here to fill out a pledge form:  Heritage Campaign Pledge form

Or if you wish, you many donate stock and securities using these forms:  Stock Transfer Instructions                 PSI Account Transfer Form

 Click below for a downloadable version of the Heritage Campaign Summary:  Heritage Campaign Summary